Special Projects

As Louisiana’s focus turns to Career and Technical Education through the Louisiana Department of Education’s Jump Start program, personal finance and economic education share center stage as a critical component of study for students; both for those who will pursue post-secondary education and for those immediately entering the workforce upon graduation.

Although students historically received a unit of Free Enterprise embedded in a core Civics course, The Louisiana Department of Education has now included a stand-alone personal finance course as a requirement for several graduation pathways, recognizing that an holistically prepared graduate must have the knowledge to make informed economic choices

Now, more than ever, teachers of both core subjects and career training courses are tasked to impart principles of financial literacy to their students. LCEE is committed to stand beside them, providing the tools - and the training- they need to be successful.

LCEE is proud to serve Louisiana Department of Education’s Jump Start CTE areas of course study such as:

(*collaborative effort of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber, Louisiana Economic Development, LA Workforce Commission, and the LA Department of Education)

Additionally, LCEE continues to support teachers of both Core Subjects and Electives with innovative, content-crossing resources and training for classes like:

• Social Studies • Math • Economics

• Science  • English  • Family and Consumer Sciences